Boeing B-29 Restoration

This site is about the restoration of the Strategic Air and Space Museum's Boeing B-29 "Man O War". The SAS is located on I-80 near Ashland, Ne. Single click on photos to enlarge.

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

End of Year (2008) update:

1. Engine #3 is ready for reassembly.
2. Bomb Bay #2 is ready for painting.
3. Main Gear wheel wells ready to paint.
4. Rear section where the APU is located has
been cleaned and painted.
5. The Rear Gunner Position - sheet metal
done and interior has been painted.

Other Restoration Projects:

1. Work continues on the B-17 Engines (refresh and
2. The B-36 cockpit is finished and work continues
in the radio room.
3. Restoration began on the B-47 Cockpit and
Nav/Bomb area in November.
4. F-101B "Voodoo" - cockpit restoration.


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