Boeing B-29 Restoration

This site is about the restoration of the Strategic Air and Space Museum's Boeing B-29 "Man O War". The SAS is located on I-80 near Ashland, Ne. Single click on photos to enlarge.

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Strategic Air and Space Museum------Ashland, Nebraska
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The SAS Museum's B-29 was built by Bell Aircraft, Marietta, Ga. on Aug. 4, 1945.
The plane was assigned to several bases in the 40's and assigned to Hamilton AFB in 1951.
The plane was assigned to the 11th Radar Calibration Sq. and in 1954 to the 4754th
Radar Evaluation Flight. If anyone knows about zero seven six and has knowledge
about Radar Calibration or Radar Evaluation please send a comment.
Zero Seven Six was dropped from inventory and transfered to the SAC Museum in 1959.
It was polished with orange markings and over the years it was painted grey and black
and named "Man O War".

Setting outside in Nebraska weather for over 40 years, the cockpit

is faded and weathered. The insulation would crumble in your hands.

The wheels were cracked and broken. The instrument panels were

missing several instruments.

This is a before look at the pilots seat with instrument
panel and then instrument panel removed..

These pictures show a before and after look at the
pilots instrument panel.

A before and after look at the Co-pilot's restored

instrument panel.

The pilot's floor pedestal contains the engine

feather buttons, auto pilot,prop speed control,

bomb doors, bomb salvo and more. This is a before

and after look at restoration.

These pictures shows new paint, new wall insulation,and

instrument panels installed.

Finished cockpit.

The forward compartment in a B-29 has 6 positions, Bombardier
Pilot, Co-Pilot, Navigator, Flight Engineer and Radio Operator.
This is a before and after restoration of the Navigators

Restored navigators rear area.

These pictures show the before and after restoration

of the Flight Engineers Station.

Before and After Restored Radio Operators Station..

This is a before restoration picture of the middle section
of the plane, forward looking to the rear. This section has 4 to 6
positions. Radar operators, left and right blister gunners, and
central fire control gunner.

This is the middle section, rear looking forward.

4/21/2010 Restored middle section looking forward.

4/21/2010 Left Scanners seat and panel...

4/21/2010 Right Scanners panel

Sept. 2006......Soda-blasting begins on our B-29 - zero seven six.

October 27, 2006 - Soda-blasting compleded. Control surfaces removed.

Bomb bay and front wheel doors removed.

Restoration of the B-29 (Foreground) will be delayed several
mos. to restore a RF-4C (back left) that was delivered to the
museum in Feb. 2007. Note the restored T-29A in the back right,
we have a full house in restoration.

April 2007 - Cleanup continues on the landing gear and engines.

When the weather warms up, the plane will be towed

outside and the engines power washed.

Sept. 2007 -After power washing the engines, key engine parts

will be removed. They will be sand blasted, painted and returned.

End of year (2007) update... Extensive restoration is in progress on the tail and rear
position. Restoration is almost complete in the middle section, tables painted,
air handlers painted, gunners positions completed, radar position and componets
restored, instulation cleaned, flooring restored and more. NOTE: None of
these items will be install into the plane until the exterior is completed.

07 update continued: Engine #1 has been reassembled.
The nachelle has been polished and primed, and the
prop has a fresh coat of primer.

More 07 update: The rudder has been covered with fabric and
primer paint applied. The elevators are next.

RF-4C Cockpit

2007 - OH, BY THE WAY, MOMENT - While work continued
on the B-29 the restoration team also finished the restoration
of the RF-4C #65903 in 2007. It will soon be on display in
Hanger A.

May 2008---Engine no. 2 has been restored and reassembly has begun.
May 28, 2008---- Engine no. 2 is complete.
May 2008-- Restoration begins on Engines 3 and 4.

August 2008: Engine No. 4 is about 75% complete.

Work on Engine No. 3 has begun.

To continue following the restoration of our B-29

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